It’s about time

Bromoseltzer Arts Tower, Baltimore MD (photo by Greg Cundiff)

One of the highlights of the Baltimore skyline is back and it’s in fighting trim. Disemboweled it limped along a shadow of its former self for almost two years. The clockworks were removed to Maine for a much needed restoration.  A clocktower with no clock, that counts as disemboweled don’t you think?

On the last Saturday in April a U-haul truck pulled up in front of 21 S. Eutaw Street. It was filled with clock parts. All that morning the folks from Balzer Family Clockworks unpacked that truck like it was Santa’s sleigh. Shaft, gear, and hand found their way from the curb to the clockroom 15 stories overhead.

Clock techs spent the rest of the week reassembling the tower’s Seth Thomas four faced

Renewed clockworks. (Photo by Greg Cundiff)

gravity fed time piece. The pile of gears and chains morphed into familiar form. For the month of May the staff and volunteers at the Bromoseltzer Arts Tower kept their joy and excitement under their hats. With minimal fanfare they displayed their not so hidden treasure. That all changes on Saturday, June 10, 2017. On Saturday the clock will be rededicated and the Maryland Glass Museum will officially open to the public. During the celebration self guided tours of the clock room will be offered on a first come first serve basis. The tours will be free, but as always the staff welcomes the generous donations of visitors.

Fresh paint and polished metal. (photo by Greg Cundiff)