If it’s the hottest weekend of the summer, it must be ArtScape

ArtScape 2016 has been in the books for weeks now. What’s new and earth shattering about this year’s iteration of Baltimore’s long running signature event? Heat, rain, crowds, few if any arrests. Artscape weekend is when Baltimore settles in and celebrates what it is to be in Charm City. Every year there are new features, themes, different music performances, new art; Artscape is comfortably reliable. This is not meant as a criticism. Tourists can go back home and tell tales of Artscape, recommend it to friends, and not worry about disappointed expectations.

One feature of this year’s festival was all Maryland Food!

IMG 2738

The theme was Space. What a theme! This year not even the sky was the limit.

IMG 2743

Morgan State School of Architecture and Planning presented their way of looking at the solar system.

IMG 0047
The Hubble Space Telescope brought its own view of space.


Can’t wait for ArtScape 2017? It will be here and it won’t disappoint. In the mean time the Baltimore Book Festival is coming up at the end of next month.

Fresh produce at your front door

IMG 2663

Apparently not a new organization, but they’re new to me. I received my first shipment Saturday morning.  I used the salad greens and tomatoes that evening for a salad. Both were fresh and flavorful. The next challenge is finding something creative to do with the zucchini and peppers (Cubanelle I think).

The source of these goodies is Hungry Harvest. This outfit finds food items that are not pretty enough to sell to the 1% and distributes them to the rest of us at a reasonable price. Mine is the smallest grocery box. The larger sizes also come with a donation to places that serve the food insecure. Good deal all around.